Cautions for Wiring of Domestic Distribution Box

2019-03-19 11:14:20

1. There are two kinds of household distribution boxes, metal and plastic, open and hidden. It is necessary for the boxes to be intact and intact.

2. The junction bus in the cabinet of the family distribution box should be separated from the zero line, maintain the grounding line and phase line, and be intact, with excellent insulation.

3. The equipment frame of the air switch should be clean and free of obstruction and have satisfactory space. The equipment should be in the monotonous and ventilated parts without obstruction, so that it can be used conveniently. Distribution box equipment must not be placed inside the box to prevent fire.

4. Distribution boxes in domestic distribution boxes should not be too high, and the elevation of general equipment is 1.8 meters for operation. It is necessary to fix the pipes entering the distribution boxes with locking nuts.

5. If the distribution box of the family distribution box needs to be opened, the edge of the hole should be smooth and smooth. When the distribution box is buried in the wall, it should be vertical and horizontal, leaving 5-6 mm gap in the edge. The wiring in the distribution box should be regular and regular, and the terminal screw should be tightened.

6. It is necessary for each circuit to have a satisfactory length and no joints. After the equipment is completed, the name of each circuit should be marked. After the equipment is completed, the residue in the distribution box should be cleaned up.